We’re both really pleased with the end result; the workmanship and aesthetics of construction and the skill and attention to detail of the fitting are super. Plus, with everything filled up and in place now, the design really works – everything to hand as we’d intended.

Ken and Basia, Wootton-u-Edge

I’m writing belatedly to say what a joy this kitchen is! We are like a pair of Cheshire cats. Thank you all very much for giving us such a high quality kitchen. It is working well and I’m enjoying working in it and life is much easier.

Brenda & Wally, Bath

I’m writing just to say that we’ve been using the new bedroom now for two weeks and it really is excellent; it all ‘works’ very well and it is most attractive to look at. It was most certainly work having the special veneer done, it makes all the panels interesting to look at. Thank you for all the trouble you took.

Stephen & Kate, Welwyn Garden City

What a beautiful piece of furniture – well work the wait! It quite took my breath away – a hundred times better than I’d imagined – thank you so much.

Pauline, East Molesey, Surrey

Thank you very much for the transformation you have wrought. It was delightful to find someone who could produce exactly what was required to make a light and pretty room without looking contrived, or getting too grand or glossy. We are very pleased.

Lydia, Steeple Ashton, Wilts

The table is quite magnificent and your standard of workmanship is quite outstanding.

James Tasker, Bruton

Work like yours should sell itself by recommendation alone. Again, thank you for making our beautiful kitchen.

Graham & Kathleen

The kitchen looks great! It’s is just what we wanted and you have listened to us, which not everyone does!

Simon Hewes, Corsham

Thank you very much for all the work you have carried out, it is a fine job. The oak wardrobe and cupboard add the finishing touch to the garden room.

John, West Harptree

We are very delighted with the furniture and so much so that if you want us to appear in your next promotional video we would be more than happy to do so at half our usual rates!

Ian, Chew Stoke

It is a real and rare feeling to know the true craftsmanship employed in making this fine work. You have reason indeed for pride in its purest sense. For within its sinew are grown your own and its quintessence is even more than the soul of a tree: it is yours too. Rest assured in the knowledge that this desk is appreciated by me and no doubt will be by others as the centuries unfold.

Noel, Langford

I am highly delighted with the Davenport Desk the finished item and the leather tooling suits it really well. It has only stood in the corner for 24 hours yet it feels like an old friend.

Wendy, Langford

Can we take this opportunity to thank you for the superb kitchen; I think we are really going to enjoy cooking from now on!

Robert & Diane, Bristol 2003

We are very pleased with the design and execution (of the kitchen). You and your team have done a grand job and we are very grateful for your efforts.

Peter Lloyd-Jones, Chew Stoke

We’re thrilled with the table and it has fulfilled its purpose perfectly as well as being beautiful to look at.


We’re both really delighted with the kitchen, thank you again for doing such a professional job – it’s worth every penny!

Jane & Bill, Bath

Angela and I are very pleased with the outcome, it looks like a ‘super’ kitchen and we thank you most sincerely for all your skilled efforts.

John Browning, West Harptree

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking both you and Phil for the superb kitchen you have provided for us. Your craftsmanship has been much admired by numerous visitors.

Maureen & Dennis, Trowbridge